COZ microgrants

The COZ microgrant program seeks to offer up to US $5,000 (paid in NEO) and is intended to provide funding for development and research initiatives. The grants can be used in various ways. Perhaps there is a new development tool you feel will provide significant value to the Neo community. Maybe you are interested in performing research on consensus or voting issues. COZ is even open to proposals on making specific updates to existing COZ projects outside of their core initiatives.

Proposals should clearly detail what you want to achieve, how you plan to achieve it, and why your initiative has value.

All projects must be open source.

To apply, you must fill an application for the COZ Board to review.

For any questions or further assistance please contact

Developer Resources

Awesome Neo Docs is a curated and categorized list of documentation for the Neo blockchain. Currently, it is maintained by @corollari. In Awesome Neo Docs, the developer can expect to find the following resources:

  • [Basic] I’ve developed a dApp in Ethereum before, how do I develop one for NEO?
  • [Basic] How do smart contracts work?
  • [Basic] How does consensus formation work in NEO?
  • [Basic] NEO 3.0
  • [Advanced] How does NeoVM work?
  • [Advanced] How does the P2P protocol work?
  • [Extra] Meta information
  • [Extra] Research



Developer guide

Community articles

NEO Tutorial / Neo Tutorial step-by-step

NGD reference

API reference

Yellowpaper / Specification

NEPs (RFCs for NEO)