On Thursday, May 7th, 2020, Neo Colorado participated in an idea pitch and generation event for the Crytptorado Community: Lightning Innovation Sessions virtual event. The event sought to offer a forum for developers, business-minded individuals, and general blockchain enthusiasts to deliver brief pitches on their ideas, followed by a question and answer session to flesh through the concepts.

Presenters included:

The Lightning Innovation Sessions aim to become an ongoing event and offer idea generators the opportunity to refine their proposals to the point where it can receive development and technical, marketing, and/or funding support.

In planning sessions leading up to the event, it became apparent the broader blockchain community in Colorado can funnel projects, products, and dApps into community developer groups (such as COZ for Neo and Raid Guild for Ethereum), and prepare these ideas for incubators or startup studios.

Neo Poker

The concept of Neo Poker aims to offer a decentralized platform for Neo community members to play poker and use NEO and GAS coins for user chip stacks. The idea isn’t unique to those familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain. However, there is no such platform within the Neo ecosystem.

Should the concept come to reality, it could:

  • Create a fun way to introduce people to NEO and GAS
  • Assign further purpose to NEO and GAS
  • Engage with a community of individuals who will play
  • Have a first-mover advantage

Neo Poker would aim to leverage GAS that passively distributed to NEO coin holders. Websites, like Replay Poker, reward users for visiting the site daily by distributing free coins users can then use to play poker. The Neo Poker pitch proposes using NEO as capital to receive GAS rewards, which can then be distributed to users who visit the platform daily, much like Replay Poker. Additionally, users could increase their bankroll by adding their NEO or GAS.

The pitch also highlighted benefits to potential new developers who would help build the platform. First, they wouldn’t need to learn a new language – as Neo is a polyglot platform – and could begin developing immediately. Second, compared to other blockchains, it is simpler to create new Neo wallets and is not very costly. Third, the Neo blockchain allows for quick block times and 100% finality, removing any issues associated with delayed block times.

Should a developer seek assistance in building the platform, they can reach out to various communities via Discord or directly. Further, the Neo-based community developer group, COZ, is trying to find new developers and support new projects; therefore, the Neo Poker dApp developer has an opportunity to get their foot in the door with the group. Establishing such relationships opens the potential for landing future work within the Neo ecosystem.

Within the pitch were various resources that could assist new developers in learning about the Neo blockchain through workshops, documentation, and tutorials.

Following the presentation, Lightning Innovation Sessions raised a variety of questions to help drive the concept further. Examples included:

  • Creating simple processes, such as shuffling the deck, in a decentralized manner might seem trivial, but could carry considerable development efforts.
  • Is online gambling legal in the country (and even state) residence of the user? (Would require examining available access to users across various governmental levels.)
  • Does the world even need another gambling dApp?
  • Will there be Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements? (The Augur prediction platform could serve as a use case.)
  • Is there an existing demand for such a dApp? (Further market research might determine whether this is a project worth pursuing.)

Neo Poker presentation pitch can be found here.

How to move forward

The Cryptorado Community intends to host more Lightning Innovation Sessions moving forward. Developers, business owners, and general interest individuals are encouraged to participate.

Finally, if a developer comes across this post and is interested in taking this concept further, please reach out to Neo Colorado Twitter account, or email dylan@neonewstoday.com.


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